Vista Imaging – Immersive spherical video technology.


Vista Imaging is a South African based company, founded by Willy Govender that specializes in the delivery of digital imagery content using immersive spherical video technology.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Data World, a leading IT company specializing is GIS technology, Vista aims at generating and developing content for the South African market. Using eleven video streams arranged according to geodesic geometry, immersive video captures an almost complete spherical image; a high-resolution 360 degree view of surroundings that is seamlessly stitched together.

The technology platform is provided by Canadian company Immersive Media, and the movies can integrate GIS coordinates and other metadata producing their GeoImmersive™’99video. The open platform design easily interfaces with industry standard databases providing viewers with greater visual detail for timely, fact-based decision-making.

As a Certified Immersive Service Partner, we have a fully functional Capture and Post Production facility to service all immersive imagery requirements.

We are building a database of 360 degree georeferenced spherical video for South Africa’s major cities, including Durban and Port Elizabeth and will be expanding to commercial and industrial areas of major cities in South Africa. These will be available for licensing and multiple options are available.