Eduworks – Delivering Measurable Outcomes,


Founded in 2012, by Willy Govender Eduworks has created ground-breaking, classroom-friendly and learner-centric products that will be transforming the lives of Teachers, Students, Schools and Society. Eduworks is a highly innovative and technology driven company revolutionizing the education system in South Africa, dedicated to provide best solutions to the Teachers and Learners. The company is designed to boost the education sector that make learning and teaching easier, more fun, and more effective.

Digischool is Eduworks premier multimedia-based educational offering that embodies the proverbial “Learning by Doing” approach. Digischool is a technology-oriented initiative that uses the power of multimedia to make learning an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Designed specifically for Indian classrooms, it provides rich content as well as the systems to enable a participative instructor-led learning experience supported by strong media.

With Digischool, pictures and animations bring to life scientific principles while interactive multimedia allows students to play an active role in learning. Students can watch experiments in action, see micro-organisms up close, know how food is digested and use an interactive white board to work with images, simulations and other interactive material.

It is no wonder then that the Digischool program keeps students thoroughly engaged in the learning process.

As part of this program, each school is provided with a centrally located server that is loaded with multimedia content, relevant software, and an Operating System. This server is connected to a Desktop computer, which can be accessed by the teacher.

The teacher can project material from the desktop computer to an LCD display for viewing in the classroom. Teachers can also prepare their lesson plans using the software, and access relevant content according to their plans. The use of multimedia speakers ensures that the lecture is clearly audible to all the students in the class.

Vista Imaging – Immersive spherical video technology.


Vista Imaging is a South African based company, founded by Willy Govender that specializes in the delivery of digital imagery content using immersive spherical video technology.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Data World, a leading IT company specializing is GIS technology, Vista aims at generating and developing content for the South African market. Using eleven video streams arranged according to geodesic geometry, immersive video captures an almost complete spherical image; a high-resolution 360 degree view of surroundings that is seamlessly stitched together.

The technology platform is provided by Canadian company Immersive Media, and the movies can integrate GIS coordinates and other metadata producing their GeoImmersive™’99video. The open platform design easily interfaces with industry standard databases providing viewers with greater visual detail for timely, fact-based decision-making.

As a Certified Immersive Service Partner, we have a fully functional Capture and Post Production facility to service all immersive imagery requirements.

We are building a database of 360 degree georeferenced spherical video for South Africa’s major cities, including Durban and Port Elizabeth and will be expanding to commercial and industrial areas of major cities in South Africa. These will be available for licensing and multiple options are available.

Evalutions Property Intelligence – Founded By Willy Govender


Evaluations is a young, ambitious and entrepreneurial BEE company managed by insightful and inspiring professionals, with leading edge expertise in property intelligence, inclusive of property valuations, consulting, development and project management founded by Willy Govender.

With an expert team of Professional Valuers, Statisticians and Technologists, Evaluations is a leader in Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) development and Computer Assisted Mass Appraisals (CAMA) services. The company also has, at its disposal, additional sub-contract Valuers, all of whom are reputable registered Valuers with vast industry experience. The Valuer teams are supplemented by Candidate Valuers who have gained vast experience on large projects. Our international partners, who are constantly on-call, bring a wealth of additional foresight and expertise to the local competence.

Established in 2004 by Willy Govender, Evaluations – a one-stop service provider of property valuation services – has rapidly evolved to become the largest property valuation company in South Africa, providing professional valuation and appraisal services to municipalities, financial institutions and real estate companies.

By embracing technology and building on its GIS capability, our mission is to combine our highly-skilled professionals, aligned with international best practice methodology, to better serve and recognise the needs of our clients in South Africa, ensuring the highest standards of service delivery.

In the quest to best position itself as the leader and innovator in a diverse range of property valuation and related services, Evaluations has invested in a USA-based company which focuses predominantly on the financial services sector, giving the local company a distinct competitive edge with regard to its holistic approach to credit risk management, through the assessment of asset portfolios and mortgage risk.

Durban’s Port The First To Go Smart


South African ports are soon to become "smartports" with the installation of a web-based integrated management system that will tell clients when and where their vessels have berthed.

The system went live at the Port of Durban at the weekend and will be implemented in South Africa’s seven other ports before the end of the year.
Transnet National Port Authority said the system, which will cost R79-million, will provide information on maritime operations and logistics such as the availability of marine pilots and tugs.

It will be available as a smartphone and tablet app, and will replace a manual tracking system notorious for reams of paperwork.

Durban to get Supplier Park


AN R8bn automotive parts supplier park is on the cards for Durban, and the KwaZulu-Natal government has given assurances that it is "all systems go for the investment".

Economic development MEC Mike Mabuyakhulu said the automotive supplier park was one of the province’s biggest projects.

"It is huge for us. There are still issues to be finalised but we already have investment to the value of R8bn," Mr Mabuyakhulu said. Construction would begin in about 2019.

Unlike Gauteng and the Eastern Cape, which host manufacturers BMW, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and General Motors, among others, KwaZulu-Natal does not have a supplier park. Toyota, one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers, which employs 6,500 workers and produces 220,000 units a year, is based in the province.