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Durban to get Supplier Park


AN R8bn automotive parts supplier park is on the cards for Durban, and the KwaZulu-Natal government has given assurances that it is "all systems go for the investment".

Economic development MEC Mike Mabuyakhulu said the automotive supplier park was one of the province’s biggest projects.

"It is huge for us. There are still issues to be finalised but we already have investment to the value of R8bn," Mr Mabuyakhulu said. Construction would begin in about 2019.

Unlike Gauteng and the Eastern Cape, which host manufacturers BMW, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and General Motors, among others, KwaZulu-Natal does not have a supplier park. Toyota, one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers, which employs 6,500 workers and produces 220,000 units a year, is based in the province.

Windows 10 Launches – available in 190 countries


Microsoft has official launched Windows 10. According to the company, Windows 10 will be available from today (29/07/2015) available as a free upgrade or with new PCs and tablets.

Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 will include Cortana, an Xbox app and Microsoft Edge for a familiar, yet more personal and productive, experience. Microsoft also revealed that this version of Windows, accoring to the company, will be the most secure version Windows as the operating system is delivered as a service and kept automatically up-to-date with innovations and security updates.

Is South Africa ready for smart cities?


The concept of the ‘smart city’ is growing in popularity as more and more connected technologies emerge. The term has many definitions, however, at its most basic level, a smart city is one in which the municipal authority is able to properly measure and manage the various services they are delivering within their environment, in real time, and with a high level of accuracy.

Utilising technology such as smart metering for electricity and water, for example, can help to facilitate this and enable the beginnings of a smart city. As municipalities all over the world examine how they can apply such solutions, the question remains, is South Africa ready for smart cities? While technology forms an integral component of the smart city concept, it is the integration of the various technology components and solutions that deliver real value and transforms a city into a smart city. The corporate sector can play an instrumental role in assisting local Government to fast track these initiatives with their integration skills and expertise.